Bridge Uganda Pupils Excel in 2023 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE)

Bridge Uganda pupils have once again achieved remarkable success in the recently released Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) 2023 results. For the sixth consecutive year, Bridge International Academies (BIA) pupils have outperformed their peers, securing top positions on a national scale.

The PLE is a pivotal milestone for Ugandan students, serving as a gateway to further education and future opportunities. This year’s results have cemented Bridge Uganda’s reputation as a provider of excellent primary education for low-income families across the country. Despite diverse backgrounds, Bridge pupils have once again showcased their ability to excel academically with the support of a quality education.

                                              Top Performers

Meet Ronald Mutebi, our outstanding achiever! At the age of 14, Ronald, a resident of Lugoba, has been an exemplary student of Bridge Jinja Karoli for over five years. His dedication and hard work have culminated in remarkable success, securing Division 1 scores with an aggregate of 10.

Following closely behind is Majorine Namugga, our top-performing girl! At just 13 years old, Majorine, hailing from Kawempe, has been a dedicated student at Bridge Jinja Karoli for approximately three years. Her academic journey has resulted in outstanding success, as she attained division 1 scores with an impressive aggregate of 12.

The success of Bridge Uganda pupils in the PLE is a testament to the dedication and commitment of Bridge teachers in Uganda. Their tireless efforts in imparting knowledge and nurturing the academic growth of their students have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in achieving these remarkable results.

                                             Key Statistics

For the sixth consecutive year, Bridge pupils have surpassed their peers nationally in achieving Division 1 and 2 scores. An impressive 67% ranked in the top two divisions.

Nationally, boys are typically more likely than girls to be in Division 1 & 2. However, at Bridge Uganda, this trend is reversed. This year, 60% of the top slots were secured by girls. This reversal underscores Bridge’s commitment to gender equality and creating an inclusive learning environment where all students have equal opportunities for academic success.

Moreover, despite coming from impoverished districts, the majority of Bridge schools achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate in the PLE exam. This impressive achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of Bridge teachers and staff and demonstrates the transformative power of quality education in disadvantaged communities.

                                             The Bottom Line

The release of the PLE 2023 results has further solidified Bridge International Academies’ position as a leader in providing quality primary education in Uganda. The Kremer report, which evaluated the impact of Bridge programs in Uganda, underscores the significant learning gains achieved by Bridge pupils compared to their peers.

These findings reaffirm the effectiveness of Bridge’s innovative and data-driven approach to education, which prioritizes student outcomes and holistic development.

Furthermore, the academic success of Bridge Uganda pupils not only opens doors to top secondary schools nationally but also paves the way for brighter futures and expanded opportunities. By equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed, we are empowering the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers in Uganda.