Sponsor a child

The vast majority of parents who live in Bridge communities can afford to educate all their children in Bridge schools. However, there will always be some parents who struggle and need additional support. As a result of this Bridge Uganda runs an extensive sponsorship program ensuring that there truly is access to education for all.

Why Sponsor A Primary School Pupil?

Sponsorship opportunities available at Bridge Uganda

Primary Schools Sponsorships

How does the sponsorship work?


What does sponsorship cover?

Aside from tuition fees, a sponsor can choose to sponsor a child in other areas such as:

What will you receive from your sponsorship?

100% of sponsorship funds received goes towards sponsorship-related costs; tuition, food or uniform.


How to sponsor a pupil

To sponsor a pupil:

Payment details

Payment to Bank account (UGX)

Payment to Bank account (USD)

Write to partnership.sponsorships@bridge.ac.ke for more details