Bridge Uganda Pupils PLE Results

We believe that an excellent education foundation coupled with dedicated exam prep will  set students up for future success. Because of this, Bridge Uganda pupils have had amazing, continuous success in the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) – the exam that every grade 7 pupil in Uganda must take at the end of primary school. 


National exam results

For six consecutive years now (2017-23) our pupils have outperformed the national average.

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Bridge schools Uganda opened its doors in 2015 with a licence from the Uganda Investment Authority. Since then, our community schools have delivered a life changing education that transforms lives, opening the door to a successful future for our pupils. We have worked closely – and in constant dialogue – with the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOE&S).

Today, together with our teachers, school leaders, families and communities, we create schools that deliver academic excellence, build confidence and discipline in our pupils, and provide a caring environment that supports growth. Because of our commitment, our pupils have achieved top marks on the PLE and secured spots in exceptional secondary schools in Uganda.