Marium Namiro

Bridge Schools, Nsumbi mother Marium Namiro is one woman full of praise for the Bridge system. “I’m very satisfied,” she says. “There’s a lot of change in my children which wasn’t there before.”

“They used to be so shy,” she says, “but now they can stand where the public is and present themselves.” Academically, their improvement has been monumental. “They are so hardworking now,” Marium explains. “They can read, they can write, they can teach others.”

She gives a lot of credit to the teachers, describing how impressed she is whenever she goes to the school. They are always busy she says, “helping pupils, doing one-to-ones.” Marium is pleased that the teachers echo her own ethos, encouraging pupils to help their parents around the house.

When her children get home from school, they are now confident to read, revise and do corrections by themselves. This is even sometimes turned around on the parents! Marium’s children tell her “Mummy it shouldn’t be like this, teachers told us to do this,” she laughs.

Importantly though, Marium has noticed a big change in her children when it comes to their spirits. “Pupils feel relaxed with the teachers, they are always happy and jolly,” she explains. “At the weekend they are always saying, “Mummy, when is it Monday? I want it to be Monday, I want to go to school so I can meet my teachers and my friends.”

“I’m so glad about Bridge,” Marium smiles. “It was a great decision.”