David Kagoye

Thirty-year-old David Kagoye has been head teacher at Bridge, Nsumbi for three years now. Although he came to his job with a background in teaching, David has found his time at Bridge a very different experience.

“I’ve acquired a lot of new skills,” he explains, “and I’ve had exposure to many different scenarios.” This has helped him to associate with all the different pupil age groups he says, and he is much more equipped to deal with any issues. “I now know what a child needs and at what time,” David elaborates, “I know how to handle a particular situation with an individual child.”

David says that there are a lot problems amongst his pupils, both at home and at school. He makes them a number one priority, because he says they can begin to impact the wider school. With all his experience, he makes sure to share his knowledge. “I like passing on my knowledge to other parents and teachers so we can all work together,” he explains.

At Bridge, Nsumbi the community goes well beyond the school gates. David describes the community outreach they have done, widening the positive impact of their work. One of the things that has surprised him the most has been the amount of new friends he’s made on the job. It goes to shows that Bridge really is a family, he feels.