David Kyabire

Bridge, Mbiko head teacher David Kyabire had over 15 years of teaching experience before he was appointed to his position at Bridge. Despite this experience, he’s found that there is still lots he can learn, and he continues to find his job exciting.

He’s enjoyed the opportunity to lead, from parents and pupils to the academy at large. For David Bridge, Mbiko now feels like home. He loves spending time there: “When I’m not in the academy, I feel as if I’m missing something,” he says.

David keeps his team motivated through an ethos of mutual guidance and respect. “I remind them that we are all here because we care about educating children,” he says, “Let us all do our part.” He says that with this attitude, he has established a very good relationship with his teachers.

The message David would most like to leave with people is simply, “support Bridge.”