Elvis Mulindwa

Elvis Mulindwa is a 13-year-old Primary 7 pupil at Bridge, Kiboga. He’s feeling very confident about his PLE results.

Elvis has been at Bridge for three years, and believes he definitely made the right decision to join the school. “At Bridge, you acquire the knowledge needed to succeed,” he says.

The best thing about Elvis’ neighbourhood is that it’s very close to his school. This means that he doesn’t struggle to reach the school every day, ensuring he’s on time for all of his lessons.

Elvis’ parents work very hard in order to provide for him. His father works as an engineer, whereas his mother is businesswoman.

At home, Elvis always makes sure to help out his parents whenever they may need assistance. This includes cleaning utensils and tidying up any mess he may make at home.

At school, Elvis’ favourite subject is English. “I like learning English a lot because it has helped me to communicate a lot better,” he says.

When Elvis grows up, he wants to become a scientist. He says: “Because I learn so much and have acquired knowledge, this has given me the confidence to dream about becoming a scientist.”

Elvis has one last message for anybody that is thinking of joining a Bridge school, “The teachers here are very hardworking. They help you to learn a lot.”