Faridah Mutyere

Faridah Mutyere might have only joined Bridge, Katende in February, but with more than ten years of teaching experience behind her, she has been quick to notice the positive impact Bridge methods have on pupils.

“I like how lessons are conducted,” Faridah says. “The lesson guides are delivered to you, you go through them in the morning and then when you go to class you are well-prepared.”

She has also found that the teacher computer enables a level of independence and self-discipline that was lacking in other schools. In previous places where she worked, “teachers take [the job] for granted, they come in any time.” However, the teacher computer now means teachers: “Need to be prepared, need to be punctual and need to do ‘such and such’ at specific times.”

She says that, despite having been a teacher for a decade, she’s found there was lots more to learn when she started at Bridge. “When I went for training I gained new skills and some new ways of teaching,” Faridah says happily. She’s also pleased with the advisors around her, explaining that they support her and that she feels comfortable going to them with any issue.

One sign of a good teacher is the relationship you establish with parents, and Faridah is thrilled that she has managed to build a great rapport with many of them. “Parents come and say yes you’ve done a great job, our child is improving,” she smiles. For her, working together with parents is important for improving the performance of pupils.

She’s one teacher who’s always determined to go the extra mile for her pupils. She explains that they aren’t all working at the same level—but by doing one-to-one you can establish when someone is falling behind and work out a way to help them. Normally, “I make a special programme for the weekend and then I can review whether or not they have understood,” she says.

For Faridah, the overarching thing she’s noticed since starting at Bridge is that, “the teaching is very good—I feel it is the best!” She has found it to be child-centred, which allows for more growth. “I call upon all parents to bring their children to Bridge schools,” Faridah concludes.