Godfrey Ahimbisimwe

Thirty-three year old Godfrey has been Head Teacher at Bridge, Kasokoso for two years, and he’s relishing the opportunity to lead his school. “Bridge helps teachers to think outside of the box,” Godfrey explains, “the solutions are always at hand—and Bridge very much supports me with the running of my school.”

Godfrey’s favourite part of the job is the interaction he has with pupils he says, describing how amazing he finds it, “when pupils are sharing their stories with you.” He’s adamant that in many ways, due to the close relationships formed at Bridge, “you feel more like a parent than a teacher.”

He’s incredibly proud of the profound impact he and his staff have on their pupils. “You’re making a real difference in the community,” he explains. “If a child goes back to their community at the end of the day and starts speaking English, it isn’t just the child who benefits from that skill but the whole community.”

Godfrey describes the ‘most special’ moments as being when young pupils come to Bridge knowing nothing, “and within just a week or two you have parents calling you to say how much their children have learnt!” He admits that the environment can sometimes be challenging, but these interactions give him the motivation to come in every day. “Just join Bridge and you will see the difference it makes,” he promises.