Ibrahim Igoma

Ibrahim is a Headteacher at Bridge, Bugiri in eastern Uganda. He joined Bridge in January 2015 as a Class 5 teacher and says: “I was so proud, because of the unique technology. This inspired me to work tirelessly.”

Using technology in one of the world’s most remote areas, not only creates opportunities for children, but also transforms the lives of adults by creating new job opportunities. Ibrahim is proud of his role as an agent of change in his community, saying: “I want to be a pioneer of positive change in my community and Bridge gives me the opportunity to do this while providing education.”

Ibrahim worked as a Bridge teacher for six months, after which he was promoted to a Headteacher for the great work and dedication that was shining through. Testament to his dedication, he says: “Most of my workmates regard me as the youngest manager in Uganda,” adding: “I don’t let this hold me back.”

Watch Ibrahim being interviewed on Ugandan TV, where he says: “Bridge is giving these pupils a platform to exercise their capabilities, to show what they can really do.”