Ivonne Njumba

Meet Bridge, Kasokoso teacher Ivonne Njumba! She’s been with Bridge for almost two years, teaching Primary 6 and Primary 7. She always brings her passion and energy to the job!

“I love my school,” says Ivonne enthusiastically, “We have such a great team and we work really well together.” Having people she loves working with makes Ivonne eager to get to work every day!

More than that though, Ivonne loves being a teacher—especially at Bridge. “I feel so great teaching,” she explains, “You have an impact because you help someone change—you help them develop.” She adds: “Bridge makes you love teaching more! They give you everything to do your job well.”

As someone who taught before joining Bridge, Ivonne was impressed by the extra training she received. “When I was in training I remember being so excited to use the teacher computer!” She reminisces, smiling: “I remember when I first used it—I found it so easy to use. It simplifies teaching. You turn it on and every day, the material is there for you. It supports us to do our job; it makes teaching easy!”

For Ivonne, the biggest reward is seeing the change in her pupils. “Every teacher at Bridge has stories of seeing a student improve. It’s the best feeling when that happens!”

“Just recently, before the end of the term, we were all working hard to prepare for exams. I wasn’t sure if one of my students fully understood one of the lessons so I worked with him after school to make sure he understood it. The following day I was so happy to see that that extra time paid off. His homework assignment showed that he understood the lesson!”