Judith Amuron

Meet Judith Amuron, head teacher at Bridge, Kengere. Twenty nine-year-old Judith has a bachelor’s degree in social work, and has been working at Bridge for four years.

“The key to being a good headteacher is planning your day,” she says. Judith believes the way Bridge structures its schools is great at ensuring everything runs smoothly. “I’ve not seen the lesson observations in other schools—they mean that the teacher is most definitely going to deliver,” she explains, “In other schools the headteacher doesn’t know what’s going on!”

Judith has found her time at Bridge incredibly rewarding. She’s gained skills she says, but also: “It feels great seeing kids coming to school barely knowing to read and write and then within a period of two weeks they’re speaking English.”

Another unexpected joy of being head teacher has been that it has: “Opened up a way for me to make friends,” she says. This has been very beneficial when it comes to interacting with the community. “With parents most of them are positive, it’s all about the approach,” she explains, “I’m friends with most of them, I don’t need to ‘boss’ them we can just talk to each other.”