Kihembo Aggrey

Meet Kihembo Aggrey, head teacher at Bridge, Kinoni! After three years in the position, Aggrey has a lot to share about what makes a great Bridge school.

A teacher by training, Aggrey was first attracted to the role because of the opportunity to learn new skills. He hasn’t been disappointed! “I’m excited working for Bridge because I’ve learnt so many things,” he says, “I’ve met loads of different people, everyone has knowledge to share about how to make improvements.”

Aggrey makes sure to interact with all the parents from the community. “I feel comfortable when I’m around Bridge people,” he says.

In terms of learning, Aggrey is very impressed by the Bridge model. He explains that it revolves around the needs of his pupils, which is unlike what he’s seen in other schools. Similarly, he thinks the technology is great, and is helping to deliver learning gains for pupils. “The way the pupils are improving!” he exclaims, “Parents are noticing it too.” Aggrey says that Bridge is set apart by the teacher monitoring system, which means that teachers are always in class and teaching.

He lives by the philosophy that ‘you get what you give’ and is sure to invest time and energy into his community, where he lives and works. This is doing good, he explains: “Before they [parents] didn’t realise how important education is but now they know we need our kids to go to school.”