Margret Adikin

Meet Margret, she’s 13-years-old from Bridge, Rubongi in Tororo District. She used to study at a government school but her mother felt her teachers there were untrained, unprepared and were not teaching. When she joined Bridge there was a great improvement in her performance!

She lives with her family in a very busy household. Where she lives, there is lots of space to play and her home is often the spot for celebrations like parties and weddings in her community. However, there are some things she would like to see change, she says: “There is little business here, so unemployment is high. Many did not get a good education so struggle to find a good job.”

It takes her almost an hour to get to school, which can make her tired but it doesn’t hamper her ambition . . . she explains: “At school I always study very hard in Social Studies because I’m going to be the president of Uganda! Since I have come to Bridge I have learnt perfect English, this will help me to talk to everyone from around the world.”