Nalubowa Husinah

Nalubowa Husinah is a 12-year-old pupil at Bridge, Pallisa. She is currently in Primary 7 and hopes to excel in her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

She joined Bridge because her Parents found it affordable however she has been pleased with the way her studies have improved.

Nalubowa stays a whisker away from school and likes her neighbourhood for the friendly people who live in it. She lives with both her parents. Her father is a manager whereas her mother works in a restaurant.

At home, she has the responsibility of looking after her siblings. “I have to look after my little siblings and do other chores like cleaning the house,” she says.

Back at school, she has responsibilities as a Prefect. Her role is to ensure that reading materials are well organised and the classroom is in order.

Her favourite subject is science. “I love science because it is an exciting subject that talks about all living and non-living things,” she explains.

Her dream is to become a nurse when she gets older. She says, “I want to help the sick.” It is something she has a lot of passion for.

Nalubowa’s last message to the world is that, “I have learnt a lot of new things at Bridge and the teachers are very professional.”