Nalwada Leticia

Twelve-year-old Nalwada Leticia goes to Bridge, Nakuwade in the Wakiso District of Uganda. She’s one to watch as she’s quickly proving herself to be a girl of many talents! A responsible and creative young girl, she’s taken on the role as Prefect in charge of academics, sports, music, dance, and drama.

Nalwada’s ambition is to be a singer one day. She says she loves being at Bridge because she gets to practice her singing, explaining that her teachers are very supportive: “They always encourage me to sing. Every morning, I sing the national anthem during assembly. Yesterday we had our music, dance and drama day. I sang Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Perfect’ — everybody loved it. I got a great cheer from the audience. I really like his music.”

Nalwada makes sure that she puts equal effort into her schoolwork, however. Her favourite subject is Science she says, because of the excellent teaching of Samuel Mawanda and his innovative approach to lessons. “I always pay attention when the teacher is in class,” says Nalwada, “I make sure I don’t talk when the teacher is teaching, which means I get to learn so much.”

Well, whether it’s science or singing, we’re sure she’ll be successful in whatever she chooses. Keep up the good work, Nalwada!