Namuyingo Jamilah

Namuyingo Jamilah is a teacher at Bridge Schools, Katende having moved from a local private school in 2018. Straight away she noticed a difference between Bridge and where she’s taught before. “They have different methods of teaching here,” she says. “The pupils are more grounded, they are more carefree.”  

Jamilah has been teaching at Bridge for one year, but has ten years’ experience as an early childhood development teacher. It requires a different type of skill to general primary teaching; she explains, “you need to give them lots of love.”

Her advice for making lessons run smoothly? Be organised! Jamilah makes sure that everything is prepared before her pupils arrive in the morning, meaning that teaching can be the number one priority. She says that Bridge has really helped with this: “They give teachers ways to organise their work so that you can get teaching right away.”

Jamilah says that the pupils have improved in their academics and discipline and this makes her happy. “I feel happy to know that my children are better every day. This is professional growth,” she says.