Paul Mwanje

Paul Mwanje is a parent at Bridge, Nsumbi. Since enrolling his two children there, he’s seen a big change in them, and is impressed by the Bridge model.

Firstly, Paul is pleased that he can see positive evidence that the teachers are doing their jobs. “My children have homework books, they do work and it’s marked daily,” Paul explains, “I can see that the teachers are working hard.”

However, he’s found the real proof is in his children’s reformed attitudes to school. “When you see a child liking school you just know the school is a good environment,” he says, “They like going, they talk about their teachers so it’s really good. I’m confident in the teaching system.”

Paul’s also seen great improvements in his children, both academically and personally. “They have much more confidence now, they speak easily in front of others,” he reports with pride, “It’s great they are doing so well.”