Remmy Kizito

Meet Remmy Kizito, a 14-year-old pupil at Bridge, Nkumba currently studying in Primary 7.

He joined Bridge in 2016 and loves his school. “The best thing about Bridge is that they have helped me to speak English well and my teachers ensure that I am in class all the time,” he says.

The best thing about going to school for Remmy is that he’s able to get an education which will enable him to secure a job in the future.

His neighbourhood is near the school and he says they people in it are nice and friendly—which he likes. At home, he has responsibilities such as cleaning utensils and looking after his little brother.

Back at school Remmy has responsibilities too. He is a Line Prefect and his role is to ensure that pupils are orderly as they leave their classrooms.

His favourite subject is maths. He says it is an easy subject and he enjoys solving equations. His dream is to become a pilot in the future.

Remmy says, “Bridge makes learning easy by providing learning materials for reading. The teachers are professional and skilled. I have really gained a lot.”