Savio Ekoju

Meet Savio, 14-years-old from Bridge, Nsumbi in Wakiso District; a builder’s son who wants to be a scientist. He lives with his mother—who is a teacher—in a single roomed house in a very crowded suburb. Due to what Savio calls ‘overpopulation’ in his community, he says there is lots of theft that occurs.

Previously, he was studying in a government school in Nansana but the education standards were low. He then joined Bridge School, Nsumbi; where he has been studying very hard and his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by others. His science teacher, Madam Suzan says: “Savio is a bright boy, full of potential.” In fact, all of his teachers praise his hard work and determination! The feeling is mutual, with Savio complementing his teachers: “I joined Bridge School Nsumbi because Bridge has very good teachers,” he says. Keep up the great work, Savio!