Scovia Amongin

Scovia Amongin just joined Bridge, Katende but she’s been sure to throw herself into things right away! Although she’s relatively new to teaching, she’s been quick to identify that Bridge is “unique” in its approach to education.

Scovia explains that she’s, “never seen a school that uses computers for teaching,” which she finds it makes teaching more efficient. Aside from that though, she says the school provides pupils with lots of knowledge and a lot of activities, making it a great place to learn.

Teaching middle class can certainly have its challenges—Scovia works hard to keep pupils engaged. Many different activities are incorporated into her lessons, and when they need energising, she lets them jump around a bit!

She wants to celebrate the international community that Bridge is fostering. “They have schools all over the world!” she says, “If you have children you should bring them to this school,” she concludes, “Bridge is a very good school.”