National exam results 2022

For the fifth consecutive year, Bridge pupils sat the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) in 2022. A total of 131 pupils sat for the exam in Uganda: 72 girls and 59 boys. 

Key statistics:

Bridge pupils have outperformed the national average in the Uganda PLE for the fifth year running.

Further statistics:

The plight of the girl child remains a pressing concern in Uganda and many other parts of the developing world. The 2022 PLE results confirmed Bridge’s culture of gender parity, showing that girls and boys achieve similar scores regardless of how long they have attended a Bridge School, confirming a key finding of an independent study on the Bridge methodology, led by the Nobel Prize-winning economist, Professor Michael Kremer.

The study found that girls in Bridge Schools make the same leap in learning as boys, regardless of how long they have attended a Bridge school.

Bridge Uganda teachers are proud of these academic results and have been celebrating the achievements of their pupils. The results are a testament to the strength and commitment of Bridge Uganda teachers, pupils and parents.

These results show that poverty is not destiny and that any child can succeed with a strong education foundation.